Petits riens et jolis minois

I’m taking a page out of my fellow volunteer’s book and copying one of her favorite blog posts: lots of pictures! Thanks for the inspiration Delph! (check out her blog here!)

The first half were taken during bibliothèque where the day’s activities were reading books, drawing/coloring, or playing with legos. There are a lot of new arrivals at the center so the room was pretty packed but for the number of kids that we had it was surprisingly calm! I took advantage of the tranquility and decided to snap a few pics.




This next group were taken during a huge Salesian sporting tournament at Cité des jeunes. It started mid-April and the finals are this weekend all the way up to May 1st. For my American readers, May 1st is Labor Day and a holiday in many parts of the world including here so we’ve got the day off. 20180422_104354[1].jpg


Hope you all enjoyed! Have a great weekend!


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