Odds and ends

Last Sunday I was at a party with all Congolese and since we live in an instagram world everyone takes lots of pictures. I was bemoaning the fact that no one smiles in pictures or if they do it is a small smile not an open mouthed grin I’ve come to expect in the US. And then I came across this article: Why Americans smile so much and it was so interesting!! I recommend checking it out. It’s always great to learn where our differences come from and why we might be weirding out the rest of the word with our toothy grins.

the girl on my right is demonstrating a typical Congolese smile – I guilted the guys into American smiles

Also, as a bit of a cheat, instead of posting lots of pictures of the past few weeks I am just going to include a link to my friend’s blog because she just did a post of some of the most beautiful pictures of L’shi. Some are from one of our farms and a visit we did together so instead of posting duplicates I’ll just link to her blog instead. Enjoy!!

I want to just say another thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes! It was an amazing weekend and I am so grateful for all the support from around the world! Y’all are the best!!


2 thoughts on “Odds and ends

  1. Really enjoyed your visit to the zoo and the food prepared before you went. If you learn skills from your friends you can run a cooking class here in Wisconsin. You will have so many new skills to add to your bulging list!


    grandma liz


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